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Main » 2008 » October » 3 » Updates on :: Current Projects ::
Updates on :: Current Projects ::
5:08 AM
.:: AZ Fansubs [AZFS] Update ::.

Alright guys, just to let everyone into the swing of things, we're working on multiple episodes right now so releases should begin picking up as more finish =)

We've been aiming high for quality to provide you with the best Conan experience as possible. 264-265, 207, 209, 328, 210-216, etc, are either translated, in translation, or already past timing and ready for QC so don't worry , we're still working.

207 was meant to go out a few days ago, but due to an unfortunate mix-up in raws, it has been delayed to have timing adjusted to the high quality of the 3 raws. So expect a release generally pretty soon. And possible releases of the others in these next few weeks aswell =D

Zane [AZFS]

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aja aja AZ!!!! we'll be here rooting for you!!! happy

As they say: you do the subbing, we do the waiting!
Keep it up guys, and ARIGATO for everything!

take your time guys we won't rush we too want conan in high quality so just keep it up go go go

You can do it, AZ! Thanks for the updates! =)

No sweat! Just take as long as you need. I'm just glad that you filled us in on the updates. For the last few days, i thought you guys dropped the project and went on vacation or something (i was so scared! cry ) ---- Anyway, i'll wait as long as it takes!!! cool

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