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Main » 2008 » November » 16 » Detective Conan - 328
Detective Conan - 328
3:58 PM

AZ Fansubs Proudly Presents:
Detective Conan - 328
Title: The Birthday Wine Mystery
Group: AZFS
Size: 171MB
Quality: SD
CRC32: 690B685D

Finally got this out, after many headaches during the QC and Encode process. Enjoy all! And don't forget to join us at #azfs @ !

Download Link:
Detective Conan - 328 [AZFS][690B685D]

Torrent Link:
Detective Conan - 328 [AZFS][690B685D]

Views: 986 | Added by: Zdm321 | Rating: 5.0/2 |
Total comments: 191 2 »
Once you started your donalowd, you have already payed and redeemed your points. The HD movie is now your property. I believe if you cancel your donalowd you won't get your points back. But you can always restart and donalowd the HD movie again because it belongs to you.

can you guys work on the desprate revival next? por favor =3 And its terrible, having to rely on the insurance company and get your internet from any random signals. I know, i bug you too much, but... yeah.

very nc gud job guys keep up the good work ^_^

Look on the bright sight - you don't have to go to school at the moment xD

i am fine for now thanks for worrying guys and i dono it sbeen more then 500 home now burnt not just mine i am hopeing i get my inruance payd be for thay go bank rup ( ps posting from star bucks agin ) i let you know if i need any help ) if i cant get my insurance payd up you be the 1 one to know then maby i mite ask for donations omg i feel so lame writeing this me needig donations sad well i off i gara finish my coffe stoop stoop

seems like you're doing okay. But what the heck is your insurance company doing? They should be giving you a room in a hotel or at least motel at these harsh moments. Please tell us more about your whereabouts. I'd love to help out if there's anything i could do. Are the people whose houses got caught in the fire looking for donations or something??? cry


actions speak louder than words XD

ya dont worry guys i got insurances oh and my family okay thay live a defrent cuntry so there fine write now i am camping it out in my surbuband and getting internet from sum random wireles places i pass by like star bucks or sum unprotect wirels singles ( TheQuyen) thanks fore careing bro ya that basely what i am doing write now and eating
fast food til i can buy a new home or i mite even move out of california who knows i am still thinking about what two do
( ps i am on my lap topi hope stupid baterry dont die on me be for i finish this jjaja )

he has insurance and most importantly, all of his Conan stuff are safe! WEE. happy

hey aluecard are you okay?! surprised

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