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Main » 2008 » November » 3 » OK, so maybe they do...
OK, so maybe they do...
10:35 PM

Seems like we jumped the gun a little bit last week. Black cats DO cross our path. Our current Editor, Resident Genius, has gone MIA, and we lost some files in a HDD failure. However, these series of unfortunate events will not put a stop to our work. For the meantime, release dates for 209, 328, and 228-229 will be TBA until our editor comes back.

Anyway, thanks for your understanding, and please bear with us as we try to finish up some releases and get them out the door.

If you are looking for something to fill your Conan void, check out Detective Conan - Movie 12 - Full Score of Fear, which was just released by DCTP a day ago. Links to the Xvid (avi) and H264 (mkv) versions are in the DCED sub-forum.

~ Zdm321
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Well we just got another editor, so we shall see if we can get back up to speed wink

who knows surprised

hmm...i see. So something happened to the Editor. No wonder i did not see releases last week. But it's okay. Just hope that he's ok.

P/S: hey, does that mean when he comes back, we'll get two releases in one day just like the incident before? happy

As some other see it, the more the merrier. But you don't change a decade of boasting "HEY LOOK THIS IS MY SUB" habit that easily. (I'm not affiliated with DCTP, just a Conan fan :)

yeah, thank you for that, it's really cool to have differents teams working on Conan.
Also, thank you for your hard work!

No, it is called a joke.

As many see it, the more Conan groups, the more that gets subbed.

I sure hope the real reason is not close to being that petty.

Btw the alcatraz captcha is mading me crazy

Why doesnt DCTP join US! tongue

why don't you just join forces with DTCP? The larger team the lesser likely this kind of "black cats" can hinder your work

My guess is that Resident Genius will be back soon.

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