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Main » 2008 » November » 10 » It has been one week, update time!
It has been one week, update time!
11:20 PM

So it has been about a week since the last update, so I just feet that I should post an update for everybody. We recently added a new editor to the staff, wiggle, so now we won't have to put all the work on Resident!

Speaking of Resident, he contacted me and said that he is doing okay, but is going through some tough times in life right now. He is still working on editing 209, and (hopefully), will be done with it within a week (but don't hold me to this one).

We gave 328 to wiggle to edit, and as of now (Sunday night), it is fully timed and is awaiting typesetting, QCing, and encoding, so expect 328 soon!

Also, we will begin working on 228-229 soon (we already have it translated!) and a few other projects in the works.

So expect 328 soon, then 209, then 228-229 at a later date!

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Update: Putting the last finishing touches on it, will release Saturday, but if something goes terribly wrong, Sunday.

328 is all done! Its off to QC now to find any major errors (although I think they are all stamped out).

So allow a day or two for QC, so expect 328 anywhere from Thursday to Saturday.

And 209 is being worked on now too, script is all edited and is being inserted into the timed subtitles now, so expect it next week sometime! happy

Thanks guys for letting us know about your prjects! I really can't wait to see your new releases! Keep up the good work, we love you! ^^


Yay! I like it when he says it "VERY soon" tongue

haha, well expect 328 VERY soon, with 209 soon to follow, as Resident is back in action! happy

no worries? Well, no pressure, and I'm sure about that

Really nice. If this would go on, we'll have all the episodes subbed in no time cool

Thanx for the update and for placing 228-229 on the line up happy

nice, more episodes to come and I just finished watching movie 12
more power guys keep it up

1-10 11-11

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