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Main » 2008 » November » 24 » Status Update - No we are not dead
Status Update - No we are not dead
7:28 PM

It has been a week since our last release, so I thought I should just give everybody a status report on how all of our stuff is coming along.

Episode 209: Has been timed for a while now, and has recently been edited. All that remains is to insert the edited script into the timed subtitle, QC, and release.

Episodes 228-229: Has been timed and is currently in the editing phase.

We have also started work on a new project.

Episode 242: Has been translated and is currently in the timing and editing phases.

As per usual, look for a release in the coming week or so! We have also started work on a few other episodes, but we will keep those secret for now! ;)

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Your article was excellent and edurite.

спасибо кто Мемори.ру ваш сайт заложил, а то бы не нашел Вас! smile

i personally prefer 209-300 getting filled up first.xD i dont like holes here and there u know =D

I think we need more eps from 209-300 cause theres a huge gap in the story i they aren't subbed. Of Course, 300-500 is also important biggrin KEEP UP ZE GOOD WORK! XD

BO - don't worry, we already have that covered. surprised

No disrespect, but if you keep the episodes you are working on secret, you can't complain if another group releases them. Looking forward to your releases.

You know heathman, Chris Vineyard says, "A secret makes a woman, woman.." lol
Or as Xellos would say plainly, "Sore wa himitsu desu." lol

As for me, "Himitsu, ai des!" "Boku wa motto, motto himitsu daisuki-des!"

"That's all i have to say about that."
Forest Gump.....

aw...You guys are the best! Looking forward to your awesome releases cool

I'm sorry but the secret part sounds so.. blackorgish

thanks for 328 and tnx for it keep it up

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