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Main » 2009 » April » 2 » April Fools!
April Fools!
3:05 PM
AZFS and Baka-Gaijin SRSLY Present:
Detective Conan - 235 
Title: The (SRSLY) Locked Wine Cellar 
Size: 171MB 
Quality: SD  

We at AZFS take the internet srsly, cause its srs bidness. So, we decided to srsly surprise you with this release. On a more srs note, we are still working on 249-250v2, so why so srs?
(Yeah, ucoz updated a few things, and updates bring new bugs, so some things on the site might seem a little off right now (UPDATE: Very off), but its being worked on.)

Download Links:

Views: 1550 | Added by: Zdm321 | Rating: 5.0/2 |
Total comments: 181 2 »
Hi Joe.Yes it is similar.But I think the mark I seidgn is unique for at least 3 reaadsons:The hexaadgon is a more defined cubic shape.Each side of the simadple cube shape has the same artadwork on it. When comadbined, these three L shapes make an M.The accomadpaadnyading typogadraadphy in MILLENNIUM is origadiadnal. I drew it. It’s not a font. The shape and the type are meant to coexist.Thanks for sendading the link and commenting.

Most staff (including myself), is busy with finals for the next 2-3 weeks, so expect delays.

Any news or updates?

hey guys thank you very much because of you i didnt miss a single episode watching detective conan. i dont have the ep 207 but when i search the net i found u guys still subbing conan. good job keep it up :)

just as Zdm says cool

Great, thanks for replying.
Looking forward for releases and status updates whenever they are available!!!
Keep up your good work!!!

Yep, there will be one after 249v2 and 250v2 are released.

I miss the status updates....Snif..snif
Hope after 249 & 250 we get one.

Poor Takagi, he always gets the wrong end of the stick...

And the sad thing is, this is a better episode than that one OVA with Shiratori's wine cellar and the broken bottle.

I finally got around to watching this. Excellent job as always on this release! It wasn't even that bad of an episode either, which is always a plus.
Can't wait to watch the many other episodes you are currently subbing. Thanks a ton ^_^

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