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Main » 2009 » November » 15 » A very much needed status update
A very much needed status update
10:08 PM

Things have been going kinda slow here the past few months, mostly due to some inactive staff members, classes, jobs, etc.  We have been working on things little by little, so I just thought it would be a good idea to give a status update on our current projects:

Edit: See the "Episode Status" menu to the left!  This menu will be updated as work progresses.  The date at the bottom is the date of the last update. (The decimal at the end signifies the update number for the day, if there is more than one update per day =P)

Mystery Episode(s), Joint with Kienai: Translating, Timing,  Editing, Typesetting, QC
Other Episodes: Translating, Timing, Editing, Typesetting, QC
Secret, non-Conan related project: Translating, Timing, Editing, Typesetting, QC

Stay tuned for more!

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Hi AnshulI really like this teamlpte and was hoping to use it on one of my new blogs. I have struck a couple of problems though. Like some others who have previously commented I find the clickable thumbnail images are not working for posts with their own images. Seems to work fine for posts with no image. Also the name of the post is not appearing on the left under the image. I am using Google Chrome as my browser. Hope you can find a fix for this.

Thanks for the updates, can't wait til 232 and so forth are done. =3 biggrin

as thay say you never know the new gen mite better then the last biggrin biggrin
tongue tongue

hattori-kun dont freak out now i am still here as the Founder i still wach and see if thay need my help in anyhing i can pich in =)

Very much looking forward to the release of 260! ^^ And I am glad to see 245 is being worked on, because that's one I want to see! Yay!

He's still gonna be around, he just doesn't have to translate anymore. tongue

"Aluecard - Founder/Translate (retired from fansubbing)"
Oh no!!!
I checked and many people are leaving....

Yay can't wait guys! I'm especially wondering what that secret project is... I know Kienai is or will e working on Lupin the 3rd Series 1 and that Mermaid show (forgot the name) so I wonder what you guys are doing! Whatever it may be, I'm looking forward to it and whatever Conan you give us. :D Best of luck guys!


Yep Fronzel. Italicized = Done, Bold = In Progress, and Normal = hasn't started yet.

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