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Main » 2009 » December » 20 » ...and more!
...and more!
12:44 PM
AZ Fansubs Proudly Presents:
Detective Conan - 233 and 234
Title: The Evidence that Didn't Disappear (Part 1 and 2)
Size: 174MB 
Quality: SD  
CRC32: 5E808474 & 0BFB42BC
Download Links:

Translation - jk1992
Translation Check - Dany and Dexturo
Timing - Leet_Gaara
Editing - Atticus
Typesetting - Zdm321
Encoding - Aeon

Just got back from my short (but painful) weekend trip, to bring you a manga case!  233-234 features some Haibara character development, so this is a must-watch for any Ai fans out there.  233 was actually ready before 232v2, but I didn't want to release part one without part two (don't want another 249-250 incident). However, all three episodes are out now!  Since that clears 3 spots from the Status pane, I will go ahead and announce another round of episodes that are in the works: 248 (announced last post), 257 (in typesetting), and 296 (also in typesetting, but needs ED kara still).  Since we work on episodes on a case basis (ie: part 1 and part 2 are worked on at the same time), these one-part AOs are farther along than two-parters.
Anyway, enjoy this case, and hopefully look forward to something on Christmas Day!

Views: 1312 | Added by: Zdm321 | Rating: 4.7/3 |
Total comments: 131 2 »
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13 Bhuvnesh  
I'm surprised Yui isn't btsoluaely creeped out by Ryans confession. Her dad talked about her while travelling, so he becomes fixated on her and decides to come to Japan to see her. A high-school girl. Thanks again for all the releases. Loving every page.

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12 Zdm321  
Was delayed due to things out of our control (literally). Maybe it'll be released early next year.

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11 hattori-kun  
Guys, any news on that special thing your were working on?

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10 Zdm321  
If you're talking about, then its probably because the domain expired (it was previously linking to another non-azfs site). We've been using this ucoz site for a while.
Update your bookmarks to reflect the correct address:

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9 Rulp Luar M. Jose  
yay! a haibara episode is it me or is azfansubs site down the past few days, cause their site does not load on my computer T_T

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8 kuuga2004  
yahoo!!! finally.....thank you for subbing these episodes.....thank you VERY VERY much!!!

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7 conan-kun  
I hope 294 and 295 to be translated first, where Ran is kidnapped

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6 Parkur  
...there's a sendspace link

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5 khandar  
YES! thanks for releasing it. Would you happen to have a link from megaupload

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4 hattori-kun  
Eventhough I know none of this episodes will be released before January, it is really cool to know that 4 of them are already in typesetting.
I would love the Christmas release to be Mouri's Imposter Case (243 & 244). But as I always say, if it's an unreleased is ALWAYS welcome (manga based or anime original, I don´t care).
Thanks for your work and keep it up!!!

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