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Main » 2010 » June » 12 » Status Update (long overdue)
Status Update (long overdue)
9:44 PM
Yeah, we've been kinda inactive for the past few months, but we've been busy with a bunch of stuff.  Yes, it's summer, and most people expect more work to be done in the summer, but that's completely opposite for me (since I'm home for the summer, which means not much computer time...).  Nevertheless, we're going to try our best to work on stuffz and get some episodes out!  Anyway, here's a long-overdue status update:

248 - Kara Apply + Final TS Touches, then QC
252 - tiny bit of TS, then QC again
255 - Kara Apply + Final TS Touches, then QC
256 - Typesetting, then Kara Apply and QC
257 - Typesetting, then Kara Apply and QC
296 - QC

We shall not die!!!!

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42 Vic  
YAY! I HAD TO CHASE MY DUVET DOWN THE ROAD!!!! note to self: running down road sieramcng and running after duvet; dont do it again, the neighbours dont seem to be too happy :p

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41 fswrlslqt  

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40 ozqwgtmfz  

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39 gvjgeguin  

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38 nkntaaju  
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37 Chris  
hey i wanted to ask u guys to sub episode 281. i see there is no episode 281. on that is subbed. so mabye u guys want to sub it.

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36 Rex  
I really thought 236 will never come out. Hope it'll be release sooner than the expected date. I'm very excited about this now...

Hopefully you'll won't skip episodes, and instead go incrementally.

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35 ?????  
eps 236-237 COME ON!

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34 Wrestlingfan  
Phreak, yes I am aware that the episodes that are not subbed have nothing to do with the story line at all but I love to watch episodes in order regardless of whether episodes are filler or not.

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33 TJ  
Hey guys, how you all holding up? ;) Hope RL been good to y'all. The other guys need to chill, lol. The episodes will come when they come. :) Meanwhile there's still hundreds of other great DC episodes they can sift through. Haha.

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