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Main » 2010 » September » 12 » Hey ya'll
Hey ya'll
0:04 AM

Just letting you all know that I'm still alive.  Post all of your hate comments in the comments section.

That is all (for now ;P ).

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53 Diario  
Seriously, could our weather GET any bteetr here?! I'm LOVING it. I love it so much I actually went on a run, for the first time in far too long This recipe looks delicious as always! And Chobani is totally the best greek yogurt!

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52 Aussie_88  
236 has finally been subbed by some one. To slow AZ

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51 monkeybits  
Just looking at the comments posted on DCTP indicates why there has been no releases. Even other AZFS staff members have commented on there that the blame is on zdm for it.

This really needs to be address, since the last release was in March(8 months ago!). Especially since every few months, there's a "it's coming soon" post and nothing happens. At this point, the goal to get all old DC episodes subbed by the end of the year will not happen due to these delays by zdm.

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50 Phreak  
No really? You think that? What genius!!!

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49 Donny Hick  
I believe it got this high because of the long period that this post was up

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48 kite  
woh azf you guy are getting more and more popular o.o
49 comments counting this one

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47 karitau  
So, are there any news about the next release?

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46 BO-Fan  

What's that? The month is over and still no release from AZFS. You shouldn't call dibs on subs as you can't be relied on releasing them quickly.
I bet that I could learn Japanese faster than you sub >.>

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45 ILoveYouZDM  
Make it happen, and all the leeches will mansex you (if you delay well, it could be worse...)

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44 me  
4-5 months? I have been waiting years

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