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Main » 2009 » December » 17 » Error...
3:09 PM
232v2 coming soon.  One line was commented out, and therefor did not appear in the final encode.  Should be out later today (233-234 might be out as well).

EDIT: And of course, they're not going to be ready before I leave for my trip in an hour. Looks like it's gonna be delayed till Sunday =/
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23 Beatriz  
You can just change the UNIX file in Mac to a frdfeient expiration date.I did that so I don't have to mess with my date and time whenever I want to use it.

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22 Zdm321  
kaze221 - 260 was released first because it was done first. I was actually working on virtually all aspects of it, little by little, during my spare time over the summer. Other people were working on 233-234, so I didn't want to intrude upon their work. If you don't like the order we're doing stuff in, then I guess you will just have to wait, watch raw, or skip.

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21 Aluecard  

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20 yumaozhanzhao  
That's rich. You complain and call them assholes, then demand 236-237? Hey guys, I don't mind if you delay doing those episodes FIVE YEARS just because of the complainer here.

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19 Fronzel  
Oh, ho, a sneaky release! How glad I am that I checked the comments again.

Thanks for getting it out before the torrent could be put up.

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18 hattori-kun  
Thanks for the episode!

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17 Parkur  
already did, ginrei already added the links

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16 CarpetCrawler  
Make sure to notify the people at DCTP forums as well, Parkur!

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15 Parkur  
[AZFS] Episode 232: The Falling From The Condo Case
File Size: 173 MB

Torrents and bots coming Sunday after ZDM321 gets back

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14 kaze221  
really im happy hopeflly it will finish downloadong b4 i fall asleep

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