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AZ Fansubs
10:32 PM
Welcome to the website for AZ Fansubs. Our current project is the older episodes of Detective Conan not subbed in English and on the bottom of DCTP's project list. Our translator, Aluecard, translates the Spanish subs/dubs into English scripts and I (Zane) then subtitle/timing, and re-encode the file to around 100-200mb or so. Visit the forums to ask questions, discuss, request, or whatever you would like to contribute input on.

*Currently looking for someone skilled with Karaoke Effects.

Current Projects:
~Detective Conan (Spanish Sub/Dubs ---> English Subs)
Release Status:
Detective Conan Episode 331 "Suspicious Curry (Part 1)"
~Translation = Complete
~Subbing = Complete
~Timing = 80%
~Editing = 80%
~Encoding = 0%
~Final Review = 90%
Notes: All set for a release =) Just got a RAW provider so we'll be releasing the episodes without subtitling over the embedded Spanish subtitles. This has delayed the release to September 3rd. Looking forward to getting this one out. It will be AZF's first release so please critique it in the forums when the topic is created. If any errors are found we'll get a corrected v2 out (shouldn't be any errors though ).

Estimated Release Date : September 3rd


Detective Conan Episode 332 "Suspicious Curry (Part 2)"
~Translation = In-Translation
~Subbing = Not Started Yet
~Timing = Not Started Yet
~Editing = Not Started Yet
Notes : Will be released shortly after 331 is out =)

Estimated Release Date : TBA (A few days after 331)

8/30/08 - 10:30PM EST
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