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Main » 2008 » October » 23 » Back in Action
Back in Action
8:49 PM
Sorry for being MIA the past few weeks, I've been real busy with some real life stuff and i'm glad to see the projects still going strong.

I'll be getting back into the swing of things and expect some more quality releases from our dedicated staff.

I would like to thank Zdm for taking charge while I was gone and Allan and Eric for keeping the project up and running.

As of this moment , i'm still a bit busy but I'll be able to put more time towards our project in future releases.

Thanks guys for all your support for AZFS and i'm sorry for worrying you!

I'll make sure to keep in touch no matter how busy I get, if that happens again.


[EDIT] : Expect updates on our projects within the next few days! =)
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10 Jafiracky  
The day i will never this post made me cry! A day never goes by that i don't thank God for siprang his life. Thank you so much for everything you do and have done to help me and our family. You are always there when i need someone the most! I love you my dearest sister:)

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9 Saubsscouro-tool  
eg var ad leita ad, takk

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8 Rulp Luar M. Jose  
I don't think you guys need to apologize cause you just released two episodes in just a week so I think I'm happy with it just keep your time guys. No need to rush

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7 Zane  
=) Thanks guys

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6 karitaru  
Man, I am happy there is nothing wrong with you!

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5 TheQuyen  
Yeah! Glad to have you back! For the last few days, it felt like AZFS was falling apart when you were gone. But i guess things are good now, since there are two Chief in Editors. That means there will be releases every two week right? dry (j/k)

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4 Roro-Chan  
I was really worried, glad to know everything is alright with you Z! XD

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3 Chengkie  
Thank God your well Zane. We got so worried about you. smile

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2 Aluecard  
THANK the gods your alive dry

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1 Zdm321  
Well it is good to know that you are alive and well Zane! cool

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