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Main » 2009 » March » 27 » Bleh...
11:04 PM
Guess 249-250 wasn't ready to go just yet...oh well... (should have just QC'd it myself >_<)
Guess I should take this opportunity to post a status update for our current projects:

249-250:  Yeah...fixing a few things up.  Expect a v2 some time next week.
HIMITSU: Yep, a secret, unannounced episode, due out on none other than April 1st.  ;D
225: Finished editing and TLC, in timing right now.
251: Finished editing, in timing right now.
232: Finished translation, in editing right now.
233: Finished translation, in editing right now.
234: In translation right now.
And a few others that will remain un-announced for now.

Again, take 249-250v1 with a grain of salt.  We plan on fixing the editing, TSing, and encoding errors in v2.

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Total comments: 7
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7 Novanto  
Pantws ki egw edw kai ena 6mhno (apo thn arxh tou etous dld) exw kopsei ths ktaarkiyikes efherides (ka8imerinh kai Vhma) parolo pou kapoies ypografes kai en8eta mou aresan. To oti den yparxei poia "anexarthtos typos" to ourliazoun ta protoselida sthn mourh sou. To telos tou entypou typou erxete polu poio grigora apo oti fantazomastan oloi

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6 Sudha  
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5 buffer72  
I just watched this release and I thought it was pretty good. Nothing wrong with better video quality but overall it was more than acceptable :)

Not to sure about this CAPTCHA on the comments though I could barely read it!

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4 KimichiTsuzuku  
*Bounces around like a small child on a sugar rush* Domo Arigato! I love seeing older episodes, particularly ones that have nothing to do with the over-arcing plot but have those neat little contiguous details the writers toss in (Conan & Heiji get a Samonji novel in 381/82 that adds a piece to the deduction puzzle) or Hide the soccer pro from an early case getting a minor cameo in one of the SatoxTakagi love stories.

I'm really looking forward to 225 and other episodes from '01.

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3 Hattori-kun  
Thanks for the answer, Zdm312. Looking forward for your releases!!!!!!!

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2 Hattori-kun  
Well, Rupan San-sei VS Meitantei Conan is supposed to be done by DCTP, so I don´t think so.
After 249, 250 & the surprise episode, can we expect something to be release also in Easter?

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1 mam04  
himitsu as in lupin III vs conan?? that one? well hopefully u guys will release the ep's after 1 week so i can enjoy my holiday LOL well ganbate >_<

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