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Main » 2009 » June » 1 » Double vision! @_@
Double vision! @_@
9:36 PM
AZ Fansubs Proudly Presents:
Detective Conan - 250v2 
Title: The Idol Stars' Secret (Part 2) 
Size: 172MB 
Quality: SD  
CRC32: 8B0B852B
Download Links:

AZ Fansubs Proudly Presents:
Detective Conan - 225 
Title: The Secret of the High Sales 
Size: 172MB 
Quality: SD  
Download Links:

Yep, two releases!  Finally ridding ourselves of 250v2 (which, while I hate it now, is still a very good case), as well as another episode to say we're sorry for the wait!  We have a lot planned, so check the first comment for a status update!
We would also like to welcome NekoHaruko to the AZFS team as a new timer (because I already do a lot as it is =P )!
Also, be sure to check out 433 by Kienai, which was just released, for even more Conan action!  Gotta love those palindromes! xD
Again, we are still looking for Japanese to English translators and translation checkers.  Drop Zdm321 an email, forum PM, or IRC PM if you are interested!

Views: 1639 | Added by: Zdm321 | Rating: 5.0/1 |
Total comments: 8
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8 Zdm321  
Something soon ;o

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7 Hattori-kun  
I want status update!!! Pleaaaaaaase!!!!

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6 gamer1104  
I just watched your subbed version of 225. Great job with the release! It was excellent! And the episode itself was... well, sometimes somethings are so bad that they're good. That's the impression I got from this release. Thanks guys!

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5 Aluecard  
SOMG raze ! happy how you been hope all going better on your side

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4 Raze  
alucard? remember me? sory to what happen to your webpage, thx for subbing those episodes =D jst felt i drop hi and said hi to this site, kinda miss it xD

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3 Dany  

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2 JMed  
Thanks for the releases and the updates :oD

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1 Zdm321  
Current Status (in progress, followed by what needs to be done):
251: typesetting, QC
233: timing, typesetting, QC
234: timing, typesetting, QC
232: editing, timing, typesetting, QC
We also have a few other projects in translation right now, so stay tuned!

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