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Main » 2009 » November » 23 » Been a long time coming...
Been a long time coming...
0:24 AM
AZ Fansubs Proudly Presents:
Detective Conan - 260 
Title: The Shaking Restaurant 
Size: 174MB 
Quality: SD  
CRC32: DA23B0A0
Download Links:

Finally, a release!  This project was started back in June/July, but was put off for WAY too long.  We put a lot of effort into this release, from using new encoding methods (still xvid-avi) to make the video look better, to using new typesetting for things like the name boxes.

To compliment this release, I am going to announce another project we've been working on over the past week: 252!  This episode has already been translated by one of our new translators, Dany, and timed by our new timer, Leet_Gaara (so, it's in editing now).  Look forward to it after 232 (which should be out within the coming weeks), and 233-234!
From now on, I'll probably keep it to five announced episodes at a time.  Why?  Cause I can. =P

We're also looking for experienced editors, timers, and typesetters to help speed up our releases.  Send a PM via the forums or IRC to Zdm321 if you're interested!

Edit: Also, if you have an AniDB account, please vote for, and comment on, us here. (Might need to click "Show All" to see the group)

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Total comments: 251 2 3 »
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25 sowon  
thx you very much azfansubs ! thx to you gys all DC fans can watch and understand those awesome episodes !
Thx you !!!

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24 hattori-kun  
Speaking about the plot I have a question that is kinda related to that.
I watch Conan in order, so I watched up to 216. Are there any spoilers in OVA 9 or can I watch it without being spoiled anything?

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23 CarpetCrawler  
The only real notable ones that you're missing out on, Kienai has announced that they're doing. In fact, 269-270 is one of those, and will apparently be released during the Christmas Break. The other case, 289-290, should also be coming out soon.

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22 Zdm321  
Not really. Most of the unsubbed episodes are either AOs (so no plot development at all), or are manga cases with not much importance to the overall plot. Should be fine with skipping the unsubbed episodes.

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21 Phreak  
I just have a quick question... If I only watched the episodes that have been subbed so far, would I miss anything noteworthy in the plot?

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20 hattori-kun  
Can't wait for the releases!!! Yeah!!!!!
PS: One of the founders re-emerged, cool!!!

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19 Zdm321  
How about MSN? Do you still have your account?

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18 Zane  
Hey again Zdm and Alue. I'll pop in IRC whenever this weird port ban or something is up-- logged into IRC at a hotel and it banned me for some reason. Feel free to send me an email.

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17 Aluecard  
holy shit zane your alive how you been how you been

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16 Zdm321  
Wow, Zane's alive! Yes, pop on to IRC, we really need to talk.

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