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Main » 2010 » December » 23 » The one you've all been waiting for~
The one you've all been waiting for~
5:06 PM
AZFS Proudly Presents:
Detective Conan - 245
Title: The Gunshot at the Sunflower Estate
Size: 171MB 
Quality: SD
Download Links:
Torrent - Megaupload - Fileserve

Last solo release.  Episodes left: 236-237, 281, 282-283, 299-300.

Views: 6631 | Added by: Zdm321 | Rating: 4.3/6 |
Total comments: 191 2 »
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19 EdiffmirmPerb  
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18 rebbeccaculotta  
Just wanted to take a moment and say whats up to everyone today. Looking forward to your forum and what everyone has to talk about. I've been spending to much time on . Needed a break.

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17 Concerned fan of Detective Conan.  
The first Lupin the 3rd tv series (aka The one that ran from 1971-1972) was subbed horriblely with random gooblegook characters in its subtitles and text not making any sense by whomever subbed it so that series need a resubbing.

I could picture DCTP resubbed it with Frosti if DCTP decided that they also want to work on anime that has crossed over into Detective Conan like Lupin the 3rd because DCTP worked on Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan crossover though DCTP worked on Lupin the 3rd vs. Detective Conan because it was Detective Conan related.

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16 Zdm321  
@Dark Ren
All of the above. I'll still be helping out DCTP and Kienai, and I already help out other fansubbing groups that work on other shows.

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15 Phreak  
I don't really know how DCTP could work on non-conan stuff as "detective Conan" is in their name...

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14 Dark Ren  
What the... >_< AZFS is disbanded after those eps is done? Awww man that such a pity. by helping out other fansub groups is that means Kienai and DCTP or other group that are working on another anime (non Conan)?

I just know that you`re also a member of kienai if I remember correctly

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13 Zdm321  
@12 Dark Ren
1. I will probably retire this group label, but I will still be around on the DCTP forums, DCTP IRC channel, and helping out other fansub groups that are working on other shows.

2. Besides the re-sub of 236-237 (originally subbed by Puto), we won't be resubbing any other episodes. However, DCTP will be resubbing 331-332 (our first releases), and a bunch of other older episodes.

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12 Dark Ren  
Two questions (again):

1. What will you AZFS guys do after the above 7 episodes is done?

2: Will you re-release your old release that has some lower quality or oversub ANFS?

thanks for the answer. it`s good to hear Kienai is okay

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11 Zdm321  
@9 Concerned fan of Detective Conan
1. Some are with DCTP, some are with Kienai. Our work the joints, however, is done, so the stuff that's left is all up to them.
2. I watched the series about a year ago. It was okay, but the 'supernatural' factor of the show kinda kills the mystery part of it (Conan is much better in that regard.)

@10 Avod Rashod
They're having nameserver/registrar problems (again). They're trying to fix the site, but who knows how long that'll take. They are still alive and kicking, however.

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10 Avod Rashod  
what is up with Kienai-Niji?

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